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​GO LIVE DATE IS June 30, 2017!

We Market Your Films:

Maybe you spent all of your money on the actual film, and have run out of money to market and promote your work.  Or you created an amazing movie but don’t have the know-how to develop a professional marketing campaign.  Let us handle the marketing for your films (feature film, short film, documentary, webisode), while you move on to film your next project.  We develop 3-month social media marketing campaign for every film.  Our goal is to get your films watched, earn you revenue, and get you discovered.  Our job is to get viewers.  Your job is to make more movie!

Re-Release Previous Films Immediately:

Don’t let your older films stagnate on YouTube or Vimeo.  This is leaving money on the table! 
Distributors deceive you into thinking that there is no financial value in re-releasing a film that has been previously posted on the Internet.  Let us re-release all your films to our new and untapped audience.  We market every film you re-release, and you get paid for every minute that your films are viewed.  

We are Non-Exclusive:

There are no distribution restrictions, and you are always free to explore other outlets.

Monetize your films immediately:

Our unique cutting-edge video on demand service requires no out of pocket cost to you.  Marketing is included, and you pay nothing!  You earn money in 2 ways:

 The Royalty Program:

The goal of the marketing campaign is to grow your social 
media following and convert followers into subscribers.  We develop an aggressive 3-month campaign for every film.  We increase awareness of you as a filmmaker, engage your target audience, and drive traffic to view your films. 

At sign-up, the system generates a unique “Gateway/Link” that facilitates marketing and royalty payments to you. The “Gateway/Link” is used in our campaign and every email/social invite.  You can send people the link on social media or your website inviting people to watch the film.  Subscribers can sign up 24/7 through the Gateway/Link that takes them to opPRIME.tv.  We process the transaction and pay you the commission when someone subscribes.   

Subscribers can access us through the Gateway/Link on any computer or mobile device.  We set up recurring payments so fees are paid automatically, saving subscribers the trouble of renewing every month.  A subscriber pays $2.00 per month.  You’re paid 75% of the $2.00 transaction, or $1.50.  You are paid the same amount for every monthly installment.  We immediately deposit the funds into your account and provide you monthly tracking reports.

The Pool:

We set aside a pool of money from our revenue to be distributed every 6 months across all of our filmmakers.  The revenue in the Pool is divided by the total number of minutes watched across our network.  Each filmmaker is paid the per-minute valuation for every minute their film is watched.  Your distribution from the Pool will be paid bi-yearly, on June 1st and January 1st.    

The Power of Our Marketing:

The power of our marketing is in the philosophy as well as the technology.  Our goal is to turn Indie movie viewers into your fans and our subscribers.  Our design is to have people instantly talking about and sharing their film experience on tweets/post through a variety of social media channels and email. 

We know that every movie is different.  We understand that every film is its own standalone product with its own potential marketing segment.  Our marketing solution understands
the power of creating email/social media marketing campaigns with personalized, engaging and highly relevant content about your film that peaks the interest of viewers.  We design every tweet, post and e-mail to be part of a total holistic campaign.  Our technology platform manages all of our social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+) through a single dashboard.  Your entire campaign is pre-programmed into our system.  Every communication is synchronized for release based the optimal time to engage your audience in their specific time-zone.  And we have the capability of marketing hundreds of films simultaneously in order to grow the total pool of potential viewers.  This benefits every filmmaker.    

The Democratization of Filmmaking:

 In the 1950’s marketing was primitive and expensive.  Only the big studios had the money to advertise their movie on radio, newspaper, magazines and TV.  Back then, advertising was nothing more than a “sales pitch” by the company on behalf of their product. 

Today, it is insufficient to gain an audience just by building anticipation for a film.  Technology enables us to do so much more!   At opPRIME.tv, we give indie movie fans a voice.  We design campaigns and activities to inspire people to talk about and promote a film to other viewers on behalf of the filmmaker.  When your audience feels invested, it keeps the conversation flowing about your movie.  Every Filmmaker’s page includes a rating system that lets our viewers share their opinion with others in the community.  Our social media share buttons (Facebook and Twitter) are quick ways to create a conversation, boost viewership and allow visitors the opportunity to share their recommendations easily and immediately.  That’s why J.J. Abrams says: “Technology has democratized the creative process, whether you're a major filmmaker or just someone with an iPhone.  Everyone has in their pockets a movie studio and a distribution studio.”    

Getting the Actor Involved:

Our goal is to create a community where independent filmmakers can showcase their films while being compensated for their work.  Our business model is special.  We don’t earn revenue from paid adverting and our programming is not disrupted by commercials.  In place of pre-roll and post-roll advertising, we showcase an actor reel.  This benefit is free to the actor.  We believe that when the actor is invested in the community, they become supporters and subscribers.

Specifications of the Actor Reel:

Actor reels must meet our specifications.  They are no longer than 90-seconds with either, three 30-second scenes or two 45-second scenes.  We prohibit montages, annoying music in place of dialogue, and footage from extra work.  The goal is to showcase actors performing in a well rehearsed and produced scene.  We require the filming, editing,
and the final cut to be high quality and meet industry standards.  We reserve the right to refuse any actor reel that does not meet this standard.