of the artist, by the artist, for the artist 



Dear Filmmaker and Fellow Artist:

On June 30, 2017, we will launch our subscription video on demand service.  We will stream the most award-winning Independent film festival movies on the Internet!  Our viewers will screen thousands of Indie-Feature Films, Shorts, Documentaries, and Webisodes. They will see the most amazing films from the best new filmmakers around the world.  It would be an honor to introduce or re-Introduce your film(s) to our subscribers.
At opPRIME.tv, we have a unique business model.  We are not just a platform to stream your content.  We MARKET your film!

What Orson Wells famously said in 1980 about filmmaking is still true 
today—“It's about 2% moviemaking and 98% marketing.”  We develop and execute a customized social media marketing campaign for every film you stream on opPRIME.tv.  Our marketing team will design a 3-month web/e-mail/social media campaign to launch and promote your work.  This is done at no cost to the filmmaker.  

We have developed a proprietary social network platform that enables us to push the marketing of your film across YOUR and OUR—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Plus sites. We will also develop an e-mail message campaign directed to our Indie Film followers.  

The filmmaker gets paid immediately!

opPRIME.tv provide the filmmaker an alternative to YouTube and Vimeo as a means of distribution.  On our distribution platform, the filmmaker will monetize their film immediately.  The streaming content we provide to our family of Indie film fans is subscription based.  This customer will pay $2.00 per month, either via credit card or Paypal to watch your film.  In addition to your film, they have access to our library of movies.  You get paid 75% of the $2.00 monthly subscription that the customer pays each month throughout the life of the subscription. 

I would love the opportunity to speak to you about streaming and marketing your film on our network.  Could we set up a time to talk?  


Salvatore Framondi
Founder & CEO